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Rhythmic Gymnastics is an enjoyable and affordable sport that develops fitness, inspires creativity and enables every child to work at her own level.

Recreational rhythmic gymnastics offers a unique blend of music, movement and apparatus that challenges girls to discover their bodies’ capabilities, creativity and imagination to manipulate ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes and scarves in fun group classes.

All recreational programs at ARGO are structured for both beginners and those gymnasts who have participated recreationally. All programs offer basic to intermediate body and apparatus skill development and an introduction to fundamental gymnastics movement patterns. In addition, gymnasts will learn to coordinate apparatus with body movements to music. The focus of recreational programs is to introduce gymnasts to fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics and to give an opportunity to perform routines in front of an audience. All recreational classes will have the opportunity to perform at ARGO club displays.  

All recreational programs will follow the PRISM Recreational Skills Development Program that develops basic rhythmic gymnastics skills in proper progression. At the end of each session the gymnasts will be rewarded with PRISM color-coded level ribbons. The PRISM program prepares gymnasts for participation in either the display or competitive programs.



Photo by K Trojan

For more information on the PRISM program, please visit the following website:

 ARGO offers a variety of introductory 10 week or full year recreational programs for children aged 1 and up.

We offer two 10-week sessions throughout the year (Fall & Winter) and a condensed 8-week spring session.

The following is a list of our 10-week session classes.

10 Week Programs

Class Age Birth Year Day Location Time
Parent & Tot 1–3 2011-2013 Wednesday Deer Lodge CC 5:00-5:45
Tiny Tots 3-4 2010-2011 Wednesday Deer Lodge CC 6:00-6:45
Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics 1(IRG 1) 5-6 2008-2009 Tuesday École Robert Browning  6:00-7:00
Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics 2 (IRG 2)  7–9  2005-2007 Tuesday École Robert Browning  7:00-8:00
Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics 1(IRG 1)  5–6  2008-2009 Wednesday Pacific Junction School  6:00-7:00
Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics 2 (IRG 2)  7–9  2005-2007 Wednesday Pacific Junction School  7:00-8:00
Advanced IRG*  6–9  2005-2008  Friday  Dieppe School  6:00-7:30


We also offer a full year recreational program that runs from the end of September until the beginning of June. This program offer gymnasts the opportunity to further develop body and apparatus skills and prepare them for entry into the competitive program. In addition, this class has the opportunity to perform at the ARGO competition and Provincial Gymnaestrada.

Full Year Programs

Class Age Birth Year Day Location Time
Advanced Display 7-12 2002-2007 Friday Dieppe School 6:00-8:00


For further information on our recreational programs, please download our registration form: Recreational Registration Form 2014-2015